Everything started with a huge meteor heading for to the world from the sky.

A hundred thousand light years away from the world , a joyful day on the Kepler 22B planet..
The most entertaining family of the galaxy is ‘Rockheads’ enjoying the barbecue in their garden with the world view..

Ohh! Whats that ?
A massive meteor swiftly moves toward the world.VİNOX , the family’s super father immediately collects his family with great courage and takes action to stop meteor by wearing his special clothes.

The Rockheads who descend on the meteor , work quickly to stop this huge meteor. The meteor is finally disintegrated when little distance to the world and the world was rescued from a great catastrophe by Rockheads but dozens of pieces fall into the world , of course with the Rockheads family..

The place is İstanbul.. early morning..

One of the part of the meteor that fell into the area where Mall of Istanbul is located now, was generated a huge crater on the ground.

The Rockheads family already descended down from the sky , one by one. The people who hear the noise were looking at the opened crater and Rockheads family with confused and also worried eyes.Mother Kozmono , children Zonar and Krazel , little cute baby Zozo and father Vinox are starting to built a huge playground which makes people happy and provides limitless fun.

The Roller Coaster , Carrousel and Chuff Chuff, a crazy fun for all ages as Ferris wheel will make this huge park as soon as possible makes here are cave houses. They said “MOİ MOİ” amongst themselves to MOİPARK the name of the Park. Moipark is the popular logo depicting the moment that beautiful little boy designs inspired from a drawing.

Rockheads family, established a small colony of great fun to create world wins everyone heart that everyone loves. Thus, Europe’s largest indoor amusement park in MOİPARK is infinitely fun begins.