• How much is the entry fee?

    Admission charge per person is 1 credits. For 0-2 years old is free. You can download as much credit as you want by taking our MOIFUN CARD free of charge. Each game has a different credit. 1 credit: charged as 2.00 TL.

  • How do we know how many credits the games are?

    You can see from the loan list on the screens behind our pieces the swing rules in front of each game group at the same time and the interactive screens showing how many credits you have.

  • Can loans remaining on the playing card be returned?

    The remaining credits cannot be returned, but you can use your remaining credits to come to MOİPARK at any time. The remaining credits in the cards have no expiry date.

  • Can Group / School visits be made?

    For group visits, you can get detailed information at +90 (212) 801 1060 D: 507.

  • How many total toys are available?

    There are a total of 23 available games (game group). Our park has 11 toys suitable for up to 10-year-olds with two floors forming up. On the lower floor there are 11 toys for +10 years old. There are 130 game groups in various sizes, mechanical and electronic.

  • What are the working hours?

    Monday: Closed, Tuesday-Sunday: 12:30-21:30